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MK Scarifiers have been designed to leave a clean, textured or rough finish on any type of concrete or asphalt surface. Drums are available to provide cleaning, texturing, leveling, grooving and paint removal. The unique engage/disengage lever allows the operator to raise and lower the drum without losing the depth setting. Drums are interchangeable and provide for fast and easy changeover.
Drum Configurations SG-9
5 Point Carbide Drum 158941
6 Point Carbide Drum 158942
18 Point Steel Drum 158943
12 Point Steel Drum 158944
Blank Drum (no cutters) 158532
Specifications SG-9
Engine*/Motor Honda GX270 Cyclone
Weight (including drum) 170 lbs. (77 kg)
Drum Dimensions (Dia. x L) 6" x 8"
Drum Weight 30 lbs. (14 kg.)
LxWxH (inches) 23" x 20" x 43"
LxWxH (mm) 813 x 508 x 1,092