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Backhoe JD310 Extendahoe

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Backhoe Bucket 12"
$25 / DAY
backhoe Bucket 16"
$25 / DAY
backhoe Bucket 18"
$25 / DAY
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$35 / DAY
Backhoe Auger Attachment
$135 / DAY
There's nothing light-duty about the 310J. From its high-torque wet-sleeve POWERTECHdiesel to its inboard wet-disc brakes, this backhoe comes equipped, not stripped.


Load Height - Std 10.92ft in

Reach From Swivel - Std 17.83ft in

Dig Depth - Std 14.25ft in

Load At Max Lift - Ext 2227lb

Reach From Swivel - Ext 21.42ft in

Load Height - Ext 13.92ft in

Load At Max Lift - Std 2545lb

Dig Depth - Ext 17.93ft in


Transport Length 23.25ft in

Transport Width 7.16ft in

Transport Height 11.26ft in

Wheelbase 6.93ft in

Ground Clearance 1.01ft in

Height To Top Of Suspended Cab 9ft in


Clearance At Max Dump Height 8.83ft in

Reach At Max Dump Height 2.58ft in

Dig Depth 6.3in

Bucket Breakout Force 8497.78lb

Bucket Width 86in

Bucket Capacity 1.01yd3

Lift Capacity At Full Height 6206.02lb



Number Of Cylinders 4

Engine Make 2240

Engine Model 4045D

Net Power 72hp

Power Measured @ 2000rpm

Net Torque Rise 36%

Net Max Torque 209lb ft

Aspiration Natural

Displacement 276cu in


Operating Weight 2wd 13800lb

Fuel Capacity 41gal

Operating Weight 4wd 16140lb

Max Weight 1750lb

Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 24.1gal

Oil System Fluid Capacity 3.5gal

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 5.6gal

Transmission Fluid Capacity 4gal

Front Axle Fluid Capacity 1.8gal

Rear Axle Fluid Capacity 4.8gal

Tire Size Front - 2wd / 4wd 11L-15 SL F-3(8)(12)/12-16.5 NHS SS-1(8)

Rear Tires Size 2wd/4wd 19.5L-24 R-4(10)

Operating Voltage 12V

Alternator Supplied Amperage 90amps


Transmission Type Powershift

Number Of Forward Gears 4

Number Of Reverse Gears 4

Max Speed - Forward 22.4mph

Max Speed Reverse 8.2mph


Pump Type Gear

Pump Flow Capacity 28gal/min

Relief Valve Pressure 3625psi