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Sod Cutter 18inch Rental

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Day Rate $125.00
Week Rate $500.00
Month Rate $1,500.00


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SC-18 Sod Cutter

Where there is turf to remove BlueBird's Sod Cutter will cut up the competition.

An exclusive four-wheel drive transmission, a low center of gravity, and an anti-vibration folding handle make the SC18 the smoothest and most stable sod cutter on the market.

Users will appreciate the SC18's two cutting speeds, two transport speeds and power reverse when cutting over a variety of terrain. With its many user friendly features, including easy blade engagement, a depth adjustment knob and simplified gear controls, the SC18 is the easiest to operate and most productive sod cutter.


Four wheel drive for easy cutting on slopes and transport
Low center of gravity for optimal stability
Power reverse
Two cutting speeds, two transport speeds
Few controls, only four steps to operation
Depth control knob for consistent cut depth


Engine: 5.5 HP Honda oil bath with centrifical clutch
Transmission: 4-forward speeds including 2 cutting speeds, plus power reverse
Cut Width: 18 inches
Cut Depth: Variable, up to 2.5 inches
Productivity at
Cutting Speeds: Low gear - 175 ft/min; Cutting Speeeds: Second gear - 250 ft/min
Construction: Welded, 7-gauge steel frame
Wheels: 10: Semi-pneumatic V-Tractor tread
Blade: 18-inch standard
Bearings: Permalube sealed
Width: 24"
Length: 54"
Height: 36"
Weight: 328 lbs
Shipping Weight: 367 lbs

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