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Popcorn Machine Rental

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Day Rate $55.00
Week Rate $220.00
Month Rate $660.00


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  • Restaurant Equipment Popcorn Wagon


      • 8 oz. nickel plated kettle for better popping & easier cleaning.


        Pops 170 one ounce servings per hour.


      • A magnetic catch holds the one piece lid up for easy and safe loading.


      • Kettle is easily removed for quick and easy clean up.


      • This cabinet holds more popped corn in the same footprint as a standard JetStar.


      • Heavy gauge plexiglass doors with full length aluminum hinges stand up to constant use.


      • Clear lexan serving drop panel provides greater visablility, even when located on back counters.


      • A heated stainless steel corn deck keeps popcorn warm & fresh.


      • A stainless steel old maid drawer for easy cleaning.


      • Eye level switch for easy to read control panel


    • Display lamp is protected with a wire cage for safety.
  • Dimensions- 16"D x 18"w x 30"H

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