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Ingersoll Rand L8 Towable Light Tower                                 **CALL FOR RATES

The L8 portable light tower is equipped with four 1000-watt metal halide lamps in a NEMA 6 design for large area coverage. Aluminum reflector housings and tempered impact-resistant, twist-lock connections provide protection and increased durability. The tower is designed for easy extension with dual, hand-operated winches with a patented automatic safety brake. The 3-section telescoping mast extends 12-30 feet and can be retracted and stowed horizontally for travel. With the outriggers extended and all jacks down, the L8 can withstand winds up to 65 mph.

Height 89 "
Length 174 "
Ship Weight 2220 lbs.
Track Width 64 "
Width 79 "

Fuel Capacity 30 gal.
Make/Model Kubota D1105BG
Rated BHP 13.6 bhp
Rated RPM 1800 rpm

Output 8 KW
Single Phase 60 Hz. 120/240

Run Time
100% Load 40 hrs.

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