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Griddle 3ft Rental

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Day Rate $70.00
Week Rate $280.00
Month Rate $840.00


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Big John Propane griddle 20"x 36"

36" fixed base model

    • Solid Construction: Big John's portable griddles feature a large 1/4" thick steel griddle surface solidly welded to a one-piece base. This strong, light-weight design protects these griddles from damage and makes them easy to store, transport and setup
      High Cooking Capacity: The griddle frame houses a versatile food warming area and individually controlled 30,000 Btu low pressure burners. The 4" high side and back lip is a Big John exclusive. You can work fast without spilling the foods being prepared. Ideal for one-handed spatula work!
      Solid Construction: These popular griddles are available in the fixed base model as shown or the countertop model. Regardless of style, these are the strongest, easiest to use, portable griddles available.

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