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Forklift 6000lbs 20foot mass Rental

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Day Rate $175.00
Week Rate $700.00
Month Rate $2,100.00


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Komatsu Warehouse Forklift AX20

  • The AX20/BX20 series uses the new Komatsu Advanced Power Steering System (KAPS) to achieve improved steering performance. KAPS transmits power more directly than the semi-integral type steering system used on previous models. Furthermore, closed-circuit hydraulics and a feedback link improve operating stability even on uneven road surfaces.
  • Electric Forward/Reverse Sift(Power Sift)
    The electrically controlled forward-reverse lever makes truck direction changes quick and easy. The electric control mechanism changes the flow of hydraulic fluid almost immediately with a touch of the lever.
  • Double-cone Synchromesh Gears(Direct Clutch)
    A first on lift trucks, the double-cone synchromesh gears on BX series clutch models ensure that all gear changes are smooth and certain.
  • The integrated headlamp and direction indicator control column can be operated easily with one hand. Self-cancelling indicator lights eliminate the need to switch the indicators off manually after each turn.
  • The AX20/BX20 series uses a soft landing mast to decrease the level of noise and shock when the fork is lowered to the ground. With this mast, mast-lowering speed is reduced just before the end of the stroke.

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