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Forklift , 5000 lb. - Toyota Rental

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Day Rate $150.00
Week Rate $600.00
Month Rate $1,800.00


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Toyota Material Handling USA (TMHU) is the U.S. distributor for the world's best-selling brand of forklifts. During the past 40 years, Toyota has manufactured over one million forklifts worldwide. TMHU, based in Torrance, CA, and Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM) located in Columbus, IN are an integral part of the Toyota family. They share Toyota's corporate commitment to an increasing presence in the United States and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

  • SAS Automatic Fork Leveling Control levels forks with the ground for easier load retrieval
  • Wide-view mast allows operators to see the forktips in any position, helping enhance safety and reduce operator fatigue
  • AC drive system, available in 36 or 48 volt configuration, generates quicker acceleration, faster top speeds and higher output than DC motors
  • Power Keep Function allows the 7-Series electric to maintain higher levels of performance and productivity throughout the entire work cycle, even when the battery level is low
  • Automatic shut off saves battery power by turning off the truck after 15 minutes of idle time to extend battery shift life

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