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Floor Edger Rental

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Day Rate $25.00
Week Rate $100.00
Month Rate $300.00


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SL-7D Floor Edger

The SL-7D is the newest edger from Silver-Line. This machine was designed without casters to be used on soft woods.

The nylon bar on the SL-7D glides along the floor eliminating wheel marks left by standard casters. The SL-7D comes with standard casters for the times you may want to use them.

Due to its unique design, the SL-7D cuts a flatter pattern on the floor. Because this machine is closer to the floor, the dust pick-up is increased and it becomes a dustless edger.

As with all Silver -Line machines, the SL-7 and SL-7D are hand built and manufactured in the USA for quality assurance and years of low maintenance.>

The SL-7 and SL-7D are also available in a 220 volt version, in either 50 or 60Hz.

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