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DJ System iDJ2 Rental

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Day Rate $200.00
Week Rate $800.00
Month Rate $2,400.00


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  • Complete performance system for iPod
  • Two-channel DJ mixer with analog I/O and USB
  • Exclusive Crate music-management system
  • Color LCD for brilliant views of Crate and Profile View
  • Integrated dock for iPod
  • Scratch and locate using large wheels
  • Create and integrate seamless loops on each deck
  • Fader Start enables iDJ2 to automatically start playback when you move the crossfader
  • Keylock enables you to shift tempo while maintaining pitch
  • Beatkeeper™ technology empowers you to beat-match visually
  • Connect CD players, turntables, drum machines, iPods, USB hard drives, and thumb drives
  • Mix and scratch stereo and mono MP3s, WAVs, AACs and more
  • Balanced XLR Master, unbalanced RCA Master, and RCA Record outputs
  • Cueing section with 1/8” and 1/4” stereo jacks, cue level, tone, and cue-assign controls

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