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Breakers for Skidsteer Rental

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Day Rate $150.00
Week Rate $600.00
Month Rate $1,800.00


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Outfit your Bobcat loader, backhoe or compact excavator with one of three hydraulic breakers and make quick work of demolishing concrete structures.


  • More breaker tools available than ever beforeselect the right tool for your job.
  • Single-position skid-steer loader frame means no pins to pull, no hoses to relocate, no wasted time on the jobsite. It also permits breaking a horizontal or vertical surface from the operator's seat.
  • Diaphragm-type accumulators reduce maintenance by preventing slow leaks.
  • Unique breaker piston shape produces trapezoidal shock wave, which exhibits more energy at the end of each piston stroke for greater breaking power.
  • New longer-life breakers designed for demolition contractors.
  • X-Change mounting system allows quick change from skid-steer loader mount to backhoe mount to excavator mount.
  • X-Change cradle has designed-in wear compensation and is always snug to the skid-steer loader frame or excavatora real plus when you have to strategically pinpoint the breaker tool to a curb, next to a building, or when following a fracture line.
  • New Bobcat breakers produce low recoil and minimal hydraulic pressure spike to their carriers.
  • Hardest-hitting breakers in their respective Impact Energy Classes.

Compatible Loaders
463, 553, 753, 763, 863, A220, A300, S175, S185, S250, S300, T190, T200 and T300

Compatible Excavators
322, 325, 328, 331, 331E, 334, 337 and 341

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