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Auger for Skidsteer Rental

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Day Rate $125.00


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Dig 6-inch to 36-inch holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy. The heavy-duty hydraulic auger bites in with high torque power. Because of a unique knuckle-joint design, the auger will hang plumb even on uneven terrain. Three models to choose from.

  • Direct drive for more efficient operation. A smaller drive housing allows the entire drive unit to follow the bit into the hole, adding a foot more dig depth than a standard drive unit.
  • More torque. An efficient design and modified displacement give these units plenty of torque.
  • Hex or round output shafts available.
  • Improved mounting system for both excavator and loader mounting.

Compatible Loaders
463, 553, 753, 763, 863, 963, A220, A300, MT50, S175, S185, S250, S300, T190, T200 and T300

Compatible Excavators
322, 325, 328, 331, 331E, 334, 337 and 341

Compatible VersaHandler TTC
V518, V623 and V623F

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