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Air Compressor 8 CFM Electric Rental

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Day Rate $35.00
Week Rate $140.00
Month Rate $420.00


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Single-stage compressor with 8-gallon tank receiver

Important Features:
Industrial OHV Honda/Vanguard engines
Industrial 1.5-horsepower, 120V UL-listed electric motor
Quality manufactured single-stage compressor
Aluminum head and cast-iron cylinder and crankcase (1.56.0 HP model)
Aluminum head and crankcase and cast-iron cylinder (6.5 HP model)
12" flywheel for extra cooling and longer life
14-gauge powder-coated belt guard
More CFM (9.5 and 10.4 at 100 PSI gasoline)
Powder-coated 8-gallon twin-tank receivers
Auto start/stop on electric model (continuous run optional)
Idle control on gasoline models
Pneumatic tires
Quality discharge line unloader (gas)
Two gauges for tank and outlet pressure
Drain cocks for proper maintenance
Large canister intake filter
Splash lubrication
Includes regulator

Motor: 1.5HP 120V Electric
CFM @ 100 PSI: 6.2
Tank: 8 Gallon Twin
Weight (lbs., Kg.): 176/80