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Air Compressor 185 CFM Rental

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Day Rate $125.00
Week Rate $500.00
Month Rate $1,500.00


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Ingersoll Rand Diesel Air Compressor (185CFM)

Equipped with rubber torsional running gear, the P185WJD portable compressor absorbs more vibration for a smoother ride and less damage to internal components. The in-line fuel filter/water separator minimizes downtime due to fuel contamination. A removable rear panel and engine oil drain make routine maintenance of oil cooler and radiator easier. A seven-step rotor manufacturing process used throughout IR operations results in unmatched rotor profile accuracy and reliability. This translates directly into the high efficiency and reliability for which IR airends are known.

Air Compressor
CFM 185
Rated PSIG 100

Approx. Work Weight 2505 lbs.
Height (Including Tailpipe) 62 "
Length (Including Drawbar) 141.3 "
Width 68.5 "

Make/Model JD 4045D

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