Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide

Tent Sizing Guidelines

Stand up Cocktail 5-6 sq. ft (per person)
Buffet Dinner 7-8 sq. ft (per person)
Sit down Dinner  
Round Tables of Ten 10 sq. ft (per person)
Round Tables of Eight or less 12 sq. ft (per person)
Banquet Tables of Ten 8 sq. ft (per person)
Cathedral Seating 5-6 sq. ft (per person)
Dance Area  
Wedding 2-3 sq. ft (per person)
Dinner or Dance 3-4 sq. ft (per person)
Bandstand 10 sq. ft (per person)
Drums 20 sq. ft
Piano (spinet) 30 sq. ft
Piano (grand) 100 sq. ft
Bar 100 sq. ft

Table Cloth Color Samples

Party Planning Guide

Seating Arrangements

Aside from the main traffic areas, allow 54" between round tables for chair and service space and 60" between oblong tables where seating is back-to-back. This permits 24" service space behind 18" chair depth. Where food service is not required and seating is one side of the table, allow 36" between tables.

While this may vary with degree of aisle comfort required, 36" distance between rows of chairs will suffice.

A Rule Of Thumb

Banquet-Style Seating To determine the number of people your room will accommodate: *Banquet tables--divide the room area (square feet) by eight. *Round tables--divide the room area (square feet) by ten. These figures are for maximum seating. If space is available for more comfortable seating, allow additional two square feet per person.

Tablecloth Matrix

How to use the American Rentals Tablecloth Matrix

1. At the top of the matrix, locate the table size you will be using
2. Then follow down the column until you locate the desired effect you want the tablecloth to produce.
3. Then staying in the proper column, move across the far left side of the matrix.
4. You now have located the tablecloth size to order for the desired table and effect you want.
5. Please contact American Rentals if you need more information.


Tablecloth Matrix

Tablecloth SIZE                
90" ROUND 9" Drop 12" Drop 15" Drop 21" Drop 27" Drop To The Floor Overlay Overlay
102" ROUND 15" Drop Half Down 18" Drop 21" Drop 27" Drop 32" Drop 36" drop    
108" ROUND 18" Drop 21" Drop 24" Drop To The Floor  39" drop      
120" ROUND 24" Drop 27" Drop To The Floor          
132" ROUND To The Floor              
60" x 96"              

   Front & Back      15" Drop

60" x 120"             Front & Back 15" Drop    Front & Back 15" Drop
72" x 144"             Front & Back  21" Drop  
90" x 132"               To The Floor
90" x 156"             To The Floor  
54" x 54"
      Overlay Overlay Overlay    
90" x 90"
Overlay Overlay Overlay       Overlay Overlay
TABLE SKIRTING 19' Needed 17' Needed 16' Needed 13' Needed 10' Needed 8' Needed 21' All Sides
13' (3) Sides
17' All Sides
11' (3) Sides