The American Way

June 25, 2012

American News - GenieThe relationship between the contractor and his equipment supplier is an important one and CW’s Salcedo says he appreciates the efforts put out by American Rentals and Tim Pfeiffer, their salesman.

“Tim and I actually go back quite a few years to when both of us were with different companies,” he says. “But that familiarity paid off in him knowing how I like to work, anticipating our needs and bringing it all together for us. American also has a great reputation for maintaining its equipment well, and that can make all the difference.”

Even after CW Services wrapped up the demanding inside fabrication, they continued to rely upon the boom lifts for much of the exterior work, including everything from a screen wall at the top of the structure, to an overhang above the main entrance. In fact, Salcedo says some of the lower work benefi ted from the booms’ ease of access as much as the upper projects.

“While some areas could have easily been reached using a taller ladder, welders have tanks and other equipment to which they need access,” says Salcedo. “Being able to have all that in the basket of the machine and then simply slip underneath an area to make welds, is both safer and a real time saver. We couldn’t have been happier with the Genie equipment and with the support we got from Tim and American. They made a tough job very do-able.”